08 July 2016

Our home on Apartment Therapy

It's a strange feeling being asked if you're into the idea of a photographer taking photos of your home for Apartment Therapy.  Particularly when half of it is still unpainted, and you're slowly renovating the smallest little house in the world, which is also where you work.  Jason and I pretty much had a full on anxiety attack, ok, so maybe that was just me! But... we did have a quick marathon paint of a few rooms, and of course, living and working in such a small space, meant that there was less to do.

I have to say it was a real pleasure meeting photographer Natalie Jeffcott  who took the most gorgeous photos, and feature on our home.   Like most people, there are always things we want to change about our home, and it's a work in progress, but it's way cool seeing our home featured on Apartment Therapy House Tours.

Full feature, and interview with links over here :)

Photography by Natalie Jeffcott. To see more of her amazing work,  check out Natalie's site. 

Into The Wild Earth Greetings + Inaluxe

I must fess up now, and share that for the last three months of 2015, I was partially blind.  It was a terrible time for us, but we got to the bottom of the problem, thanks to several doctors visits, and eye specialists, my greatest fear that this was permanent was set aside. The cause of the swelling and blurred vision on both eyes was never determined, although most likely a severe environmental allergic reaction, and/or possibly an immune deficiency issue. I still have a small lump on one eyelid, but this year has been smooth sailing! Thank you eyeballs for not giving up on me!

The reason I mention this is that while we still managed to work, and keep things going, the blog did not get updated, and all these exciting and fun new collaborations, and new work, did not get shared. But we really would like to get a handle on this, so you'll probably see quite a bit of posting over the next week, in an attempt to catch up with the last 9 months. 

One of the highlights this February was the launch of "Into The Wild." A bright new collection we collaborated on with Earth Greetings.  Some of our favourite birds appear in the range, including the Sulphur Crested Cockatoo, The Twenty-Eight Parrot, as well as some sweet little Honey Eaters.  A new exploration for us included a little Bilby, and also a Numbat.   Of course, there is always a flower or two in the mix.  We had such a great time working on these.

Jason and I are both thrilled to be back on top of things, and look forward to sharing some exciting new Earth Greetings with you soon!  Photos via Earth Greetings, photographed and styled by the awesome Katie Waddell. 

Inaluxe + Neiman Marcus

One of the highlights this last year has been the collaboration we did with Neiman Marcus Christmas 2015.  We designed the Christmas Book, and the Book featuring Alek Wek wearing a dress made entirely of inaluxe critters and botanicals.  There was also a super fun festive mix of goodies, with proceeds of the sales going towards the Neiman Marcus Charity which aptly benefits creative and art programs for children! We could not be more thrilled.  It's been a wonderful experience in so many ways. Thank you for asking us Neiman Marcus!

We did an Interview on We Are Scout with Lisa Tilse with more detail on the collaboration, as well as the Neiman Marcus Blog Feature

Interview on We Are Scout with Lisa Tilse
Neiman Marcus Blog Feature

25 September 2015

Waratah Abstract Art

Continuing our fascination for native Australian plants, The Waratah illustration is part of our Woodland collection,  and it's now available as a fine art print in the inaluxe online store.  Jason and I have never had much luck with growing these, and the same could be said for the Banksia, but we will keep trying!  I believe it's the soil.  In the meantime, we enjoy them from a distance, and of course, we celebrate their beauty in our work.  Big, juicy, bright flowers are so awesome, what's not to love, and naturally, we want to paint them all!  Have you seen the inaluxe site lately? Lots of new work.  Sadly, due to a severe case of the flu earlier this year, we did not update most of what's been happening, but we're back now... and loving it. Have a lovely weekend everyone.  It's out into the garden for us. So much fun!

22 September 2015

Modular in Yellow Art Print

We have a new archival art print in our store. 'Modular in Yellow' came from a mixed media design created with ink, acrylic, and collage.  It's the first of a new series. Available in two sizes.